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Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We are committed to protecting user privacy and providing users with a safe and secure environment. We strictly prohibit apps that are deceptive, malicious, or attempt to abuse or misuse any network, device, or personal data.

VIEENT MUSIC provides an online solution for customers to manage their portfolio.

1. Commitment

At Job Management we understand that privacy is very important to you and your clients. These privacy statements reflect our respect for your privacy and Job Management's commitment to ensuring the security of all your information.

2. Application

These privacy terms apply to all personal information entered by Job Manager customers on the Job Management website or entered into the Job Management application via mobile devices (together with Job Manager's background app)

3. Personal information

To use the Job Manager platform application, all customers are required to submit certain personal information such as email address, name, address, phone number, industry and certain company information. Customers may be asked to provide additional information from time to time as they continue to use the software.

4. Your privacy and accounts

Registration data and other information are subject to our Privacy Policy. Your information may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country where Employment Manager has facilities and by using the Online Services you agree to transfer the information to third parties. outside your country. If you access the Service with a password, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that password. If you give others access to your password to the Service, they will be able to view information about your account and make changes through the Application or Website for the Service. Likewise, if you provide someone with the pattern lock feature for a Service, they will be able to request information about your account and make changes through Customer Service. You agree to notify us immediately if you change your email address so that we may continue to contact you and send any notices required below. If you do not promptly notify us of the change, then any notice we send to your old email address will be deemed adequate notice.

5. Uses of information and documents

The personal information provided by the customer will only be used in connection with the service requested by the Job Manager, to chat with the customer regarding the service or to cooperate with the industry. government industry or authorities.

Job Management correctly stores to use data related to the customer's use of the service for promotion or other business intelligence purposes. Employment Manager staff can access useful information and transaction statistics to better understand how customers use Job Manager's background application, so we can improve the system. system design, evaluate, as well as give advice to change the way they use the Job Manager background application.

6. Approval letter

By accessing the Job Management platform application, all customers consent to the collection, use, agreement, storage and processing of their information in accordance with the Privacy Statement.

7. Disclosure of information

Job Manager will not disclose any client's personal information to third parties except where the disclosure is related to the purpose of the information collected (As mentioned in paragraph 4 above). ) unless authorized by the customer himself.

8. Approve and update information

Customers may request at any time to view the personal information that the Employment Manager stores or to correct or update any personal information. Please email the Job Manager at

9. News

Job Manager sends you payment information, product information, newsletters and notifications to you via email and, in some cases, within Job Manager's messaging service background app. Where appropriate email or in background communication will contain instructions describing how you can opt-out of being removed from the mailing list.

10. Information repository

Employment Manager will securely keep the personal information of clients in the United States or any other country that Job Manager may choose from time to time to provide its services.

11. Storage

Job Manager will store customer's personal information before and after canceling any account, but only use it when it is legally required to be used by Job Manager.

12. Cookies

Job Manager uses a third party for advertising and advertising campaigns, the data is collected through advertising and advertising. Advertising cookies are stored in your browser and provide third parties with data for advertising

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